5×8 Contemplative Smart Mirror in 9×11 Frame with Fine Art Display


An elegant gift for yourself or a loved one! Mirror reflects room while displaying content.

  • Add quotes, verses, goals, inspirations, anything you want, to display in the mirror! Easily input quotes, sayings, verses whenever the inspiration strikes. Your content will all be collected in one place and can be accessed on the web in addition to displaying in your mirror. Access your inspirations on your mobile phone through the day!
  • Displays content randomly each hour or once a day.
  • Motion activated.
  • Automatically turns on and off according to schedule.
  • Connects to your home or office WiFi for easy management via a computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Restocking fee on returned mirrors. Please see below.
  • Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Note: Mirror comes with wooden stand. Raised metal stand pictured can be purchased separately here.
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How it Works

Simply connect the Contemplative Mirror to your home or office WiFi network. Displayed content is refreshed every 30 minutes.

The Mirror comes with free content. Subscriptions are available for beautiful, curated content. With a master subscription, you also have the option to build your own custom library of content to display in your mirror. In this case, you can log into your mirror settings from your phone, tablet, or computer and and enter whatever text and images you choose and save them. The next time your mirror refreshes, you’ll see your new content beautifully displayed! Your mirror will hold an unlimited number of quotes, sayings, verses, and goals. The entries you create are then loaded randomly at the interval you choose.

Return Policy

We will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re mirror is working properly. There is a $39 restocking fee on returned mirrors.